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Camp Schedule

Swimming, crafts, canoeing, day at Camp Monahan is filled with fun! Our programs and staff keep campers busy and engaged and help them build confidence and skills that they'll have for life.


  • Swimming: Learn techniques and water safety in our Jr. Olympic size swimming pool. Play games like Sharks & Minnows, water polo and baseball.
  • Outdoor Ed & Archery: Learn about our Saskatchewan environment and build survival skills like shelter and fire building, compass work and archery.
  • Canoeing: Learn about the parts of a canoe, how to paddle and navigate, rescues and other water safety. Take short trips on Katepwa Lake and play games like pirate treasure, bountiful ball game and swamped.
  • Discovery: Participate in activities that teach Christian values like honesty, respect and sharing.
  • Arts & Crafts – Get creative and make a daily craft.

Don't forget, we also do special activities like fishing, overnight camp-outs, mud pits, carnivals, dances and theme days.

Daily Schedule

Subject to change annually, but as a guide:

7:00 Staff up and ready to be available to assist campers
7:30 Rise and Shine of campers
7:45 Chapel 8:00 Breakfast
8:45- Prepare for Inspection/pack for the morning programs
9:00 Inspection
9:15 Program #1
10:30 Program #2
11:30-1215 Lunch
12:30-1330 FOB (FALL ON BUNK)
1:45 Program #3
3:00 snack
3:15 Program #4
4:30 Program #6
5:45 Chapel
6:00 Supper
8:15 Campfire
9:15-9:30 Snack
10:00 Lights out